Adapptive | Right Person, Right Ad, Right Time

What We Do

  • Provide an alternative to the waste in Cookie Based advertising.

  • Pre target the right people and stop re-targeting the wrong ones.

  • Private Market Place for Publishers – Unique audience for Advertisers.

  • Enable advertisers to serve targeted advertising content within premium Publisher inventory.

  • Ads appear in engaged content that people subscribe to.

  • Significantly improve CTR and conversion – 413% achieved.

  • Avoid wastage of budgets – buy the audience you want.

  • Cookie free targeting allows direct control

  • RTB environment

  • Help Publishers maximise and control their inventory yield

  • We have a billion lifestyle and demographic combinations which you can use to precisely target individuals across any digital platform.

AdAppTive Product Suite

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*Each client has their own secure area of the data refinery

  • We don’t use cookies and we don’t use the ad network.

Private Market Place

Historically, the digital ad network has been the only choice for Publishers and Advertisers to buy and sell digital inventory.

The network used their tracking cookies to syphon the Publisher’s data and build insights into subscriber behaviour.

The Advertiser then uses the network to buy audience based on these profiles.

We believe this model gives the network all of the control whilst limiting the options to both Advertisers and Publishers.

Moreover, it’s all gone mobile meaning that 48% of all digital inventory is now consumed outside of a browser (this will be 63% in 2016). This means cookies won’t work!

Our Publishers use AdAppTive to take back control

Advertisers use AdAppTive to access premium content with unique targeting accuracy.

  • We don't make assumptions about people's behaviour, we KNOW their behaviour.

The Audience You Want

1. Onboard your data in our Data Management Platform

2. Augment and Refine with the AdAppTive Dictionary

3. We build look-a-like profiles and describe your customers precisely

4. You then target your customers via the AdAppTive Programmatic Platform

5. AND those people that look like them to grow your customer base

  • Our inventory is unique, engaging and responsive.

Cross Platform

  • 1
  • Consumers aren’t browsing content in a browser all of the time
  • 2
  • So the old cookie based targeting network doesn’t work for app based content
  • 3
  • Smartphones, tablets, TV apps, paywalls are the big game changers
  • 4
  • AdAppTive doesn’t use cookies, so doesn’t have the cookie problem
  • 5
  • AdAppTive uses the ID of the individual to precisely target the right audience
  • 6
  • This audience is engaged, opted in and responsive