Digital Media is murky at best

“Digital Media is currently murky at best, fraudulent at worst” We hear you Marc. It’s why we built AdAppTive.

One of the biggest ad spenders in the world, has just said “ENOUGH”. “TIme is Up” “Ridiculous” “Murky” “Fraud” “Don’t let the Fox guard the Hen House” “More than patient” “The Gig is Up” “Stop ad fraud”

The cookie-based free-for-all has had it’s day.

Premium Publishers, you can take back control. Make your inventory private and use certified tags. Don’t let them drop their pixels and cookies which leak your data to the network.

Advertisers, what’s best £1 CPM for 0.01% CTR with 70% Hard Bounce Rate, or £10 CPM for 0.1% CTR with 30% Hard Bounce Rate? Spray and Pray doesn’t work. It gives consumers a crappy experience and delivers poor ROI. Right person Right Ad Right Time works, but you’ve got to have the courage to invest in it, take the time, get it right. Are you up for it?