Pedalsure rides ahead with programmatic AdAppTive campaign. Delivers superb results.

Pedalsure are a new entrant in the rapidly growing bike and cyclist insurance market. Prior to their launch cycling insurance policies rarely covered or paid out for serious injury, with more and more people cycling for work and leisure this was clearly a deficiency in the market.

Without an existing brand to rely on, they were keen to ensure that their budget delivered to a tightly defined audience of affluent cyclists. They turned to their agency NeonCandi to set up and run the campaign.

“We needed to ensure that the budget was spent precisely” said Phil Cooper, CEO of NeonCandi. “With little historic data to work from, we know that the audience section was vital. AdAppTive seemed like a perfect opportunity with its premium titles, rich demographic and lifestyle data and programmatic buying.”


AdAppTive contains 44.3m Adults for the UK with over 1000 demographic, lifestyle and In-market variables to select from. Premium publishers, such as Bauer, Newsquest and ES&I have on boarded their subscriber data delivering over 50m impressions of highly engaged readers, that are not available anywhere-else.

We could see that the cookie can’t deliver targeting in Mobile and Apps based content and that this rapidly growing inventory needed a new solution” said Marcus Brook CEO of Red Fox Media, the developers of AdAppTive. “By working directly with the publishers, we have delivered the ability to precisely target “greenfield” inventory to drive ROI.”

“Our ability to deliver precise targeting on audiences that are not available in any other DMP across any device platform, ensures significant improvements in ROI” said Chris Willis, VP of Sales for AdAppTive. “With the PedalSure campaign, we could constantly optimize where we served and to whom based on our rich datasets, driving the results harder for NeonCandi”

“Given the ROI on the campaign, we didn’t hesitate to commit more budget to the AdAppTive Platform” -Phil Cooper