PedalSure case-study | Adapptive


Pedalsure offers bike insurance to cyclists to cover theft, damage, and injury. As an early entrant into the relatively new insurance market, PedalSure needed to establish their brand and acquire new customers as quickly as possible, with a very limited budget.

Audience Selection

Given the early brand position in the market and the limited budget, selecting the right audience to reduce wastage was essential. The AdAppTive Data Refinery has 1.3 million cyclists but this alone was too big an audience. The average premium was going to be more than £100 a year and therefore we had to target people who were likely to have invested in a bike that was of high enough value to warrant insuring. We therefore used Demographic Overlays of higher than average affluence and applied them to the cyclist audience to ensure the best possible results. Geographic analysis also suggested that this audience was heavily weighted to highly-populated areas such as the South-East, Midlands, and Lancashire.

Publisher Selection


Given that the cyclists we were targeting are such a passionate bunch, we decided to serve the audience in any inventory we could identify them.



Pedalsure were so pleased with the initial results that they continued to place the ads for a further 2 quarters. Having now established their brands as one of the leaders in the field, and carried out sponsorship of pro cyclists, Pedalsure continues to grow.