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Pickering’s Gin

Establishing a brand in a huge consumer market, up against some of the world’s biggest marketers is always a brave decision. It requires careful thought, knowing who your audience is and some very stylish ad copy to get your businesses really motoring. Pickering had the audience defined and the copy ready to go, they just needed us to put the campaign out there.

Audience Selection

By analysing macro market data on the consumption of high-value alcoholic drinks, it was somewhat surprising that affluence was not the strongest determinant of propensity to buy. In fact the most important factor was lifestyle, in particular, wine collection, eating out regularly and entertaining. Using these lifestyle characteristics, we defined an audience of 280k people in the UK

Publisher Selection


Working alongside Publishers offering a wide selection of newsletters, we were able to build up an idea of target demographic and display ads accordingly. We discovered that the greatest success was seen when targeting readers who fit the “gourmet” profile.



The campaign was a great success. With an almost unheard of 0.334% click-through rate the Pickering’s Gin launch received a huge response and a noticeable increase in website visits.