Shetland case-study | Adapptive

Shetland Gin

Entering the highly lucrative drinks market is undoubtedly a brave decision. You are up against huge brands with massive budgets that guard their hard-won market share very carefully. Add to this the fact that your distillery is located on the Northernmost tip of the UK, and you need to pick your niche and e-commerce strategy very carefully.

The precision of AdAppTive’s targeting, together with the highly engaged premium audience it delivers to, tickled all the requirements for Shetland Gin and their very small start-up budget.

Audience Selection

By analysing macro market data on the consumption of high-value alcoholic drinks, it was somewhat surprising that affluence was not the strongest determinant of propensity to buy. In fact the most important factor was lifestyle, in particular, wine collection, eating out regularly and entertaining.

Using these lifestyle characteristics, we defined an audience of 280 thousand people in the UK.

Publisher Selection

Our Publishers offer a wide range of newsletters to their subscribers, which are based on lifestyle and interests. Using activities like eating out, weekend activities, and home and garden titles, we initially targeted Scottish readers who fit the ‘Gourmet’ profile.

The early success enabled us to then target the North of England down to the Midlands.


The campaign targeting, coupled with high quality ad content for Shetland Gin, exceeded the clients expectations with a noticeable increase in web visits and e-commerce sales.