UK Challenge case-study | Adapptive

UK Challenge

UK Challenge is one of country’s leading team building events. 70 teams of 6 people set out across Dartmoor for 3 days of physical and mental team challenges ranging from running and canoeing to anagrams and riddles. UK Challenge set us the challenge of targeting their adverts to organisations that would be interested in entering this exciting event. We went about this using tried and tested direct marketing and programmatic advertising methodologies.

Audience Definition

First of all we had to define the audience. For a company to be able to enter the event, they would need at least 6 employees. Secondly, we used SIC coding to define the types of businesses that had entered the event previously. This analysis defined the audiences as companies with 20+ employees in the services or manufacturing sectors.

Publisher Selection

AdAppTive serves digital ads into a wide range of publications. In the initial phase of the campaign, we chose to serve the UK-Challenge ads into our recruitment websites and newsletters whilst also testing some of our lifestyle orientated titles.


The initial results using engaging & striking ad-copy from UK Challenge were very encouraging, surpassing the client’s expectations. The strategy was therefore rolled out to the campaign completion.