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What is Adapptive

AdAPPtive aims to help struggling readers in primary schools through an increased use of IT tools. Its objective is the effective and sustained adoption of at least one digital reading app in 16 schools (IRL, B, CZ, NL) by the end of the project. 4 Communities of Practice (COPs) peopled by Primary School teachers, are supported by universities (DCU and KU Leuven), Dyslexia centres (DYS Centre and RID) and 1 app Developer (HAPPS) throughout the project. The success of the COP approach will be tested by measuring progress made by teachers and learners alike.

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4 core pillars

of our project

Upskill teachers

The projects aims to develop teacher knowledge around the features of various Digital Reading Apps (DRAs) and skills in relation to the successfully and sustainably integration of these into the literacy programmes of learners who struggle to acquire key reading skills, to improve these skills and develop positive dispositions towards reading. Teachers will also learn about the complexities of trying to affect change in schools and they will be supported, within Communities of Practice CoPs, in responding effectively to issues that emerge as they incorporate DRAs into literacy programmes of struggling readers. Finally, teachers will work with other CoP partners to develop and disseminate project findings. In doing so, they will be supported in developing a range of research and presentation skills and outputs.

Measuring learner progress

Through testing learners during 3 years in 16 schools, AdAPPTive will map the progress made by learners as a result of working with the COPs and of regularly using digital tools.  AdAPPtive will not only look at progress in reading, but also map progress made in executive functioning, reading attitudes, and psychosocial functioning.

Measuring teacher progress

Teachers are essential in the education process. Digital technologies can play a supporting role in that process, particularly for struggling readers.  We aim to support teachers as they learn to enhance their use of digital tools for struggling readers in their school.  This will enable them to be more confident when using these tools with their students and hopefully facilitate more effective, efficient and enjoyable learning for students.

Sharing projects learnings

Teachers and other CoP members will work together and support each other to achieve the widest possible dissemination of project learning and results, not only at the end of the project but also on an annual basis. This will involve exchanging information within and across participating CoPs (in different countries) and making presentations to externally interested parties at local, national and international levels, including at professional conferences and network events. Finally, it will entail the development of articles for relevant professional journals and other publications at all of these levels. Interested parties are likely to include practicing teachers, non-teaching professionals in schools, school leaders, educational planners and policy-makers, app developers, and those designing frameworks to support the sustainable adoption of digital reading apps in schools.



As best practice awarded - EU funded project

We are a consortium of 5 partners from 4 European countries coming together by a common vision to find the best way to implement digital tools in the current educational landscape.

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Community of practice

Communities of practice refers to groups of people who share a concern or a passion for a topic, a craft, and/or a profession (Wenger 1998, 2006). These individuals deepen their knowledge and expertise through regular interaction with each other (Wenger 2006; Wenger et al. 2002).AdAPPtive chose the approach of Communities of Practice for upskilling teachers as it will allow them to learn about Digital Reading Apps (DRAs) in an informal, informative and non-judgemental environment. This will give them the knowledge and competence to use DRAs with their students to improve their reading fluency.

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The latest



Community of practice

6th COP Czech Republic + international conference

The Innternational conference in Prague introduced AdAPPtive project.

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Community of practice

Third COP Ireland

This 3rd COP was held in Talbot National School despite busy schedules in December!

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Community of practice

Fourth COP Belgium

New Karaton and first test results were discussed at the COP at Den TOP

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