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April 9, 2024
Community of practice

6th COP Czech Republic + international conference

DYS-centrum Praha organized its traditional conference DYSKORUNKA. This time it was not only a national conference but international conference with partners from AdAPPtive. All Czech COP members and more than 200 other conference participants met at one spot. The programme included twenty-three papers, one symposium, and fifteen publishing houses and professional institutions who displayed their products at an exhibition.

The AdAPPtive project was promoted at the conference. Furthermore, Pol Ghesquière and Jurgen Tijms had wonderful papers on the use of digital tools for struggling readers. They presented noteworthy reasearch outcomes as well as project goals. The Czech COP enjoyed meeting project partners from Belgium and the Netherlands. Not only had they the opportunity to meet and discuss our project, but they also enthusiastically visited the whole professional event.