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March 1, 2024
Community of practice

First COP Belgium and The Netherlands

The first Belgian COP met on 28 April, 2023, attended by 13 people. Teachers from four partner schools made their first step to form a Community of Practice working with the KU Leuven and Happs. All agreed to work with the game app Karaton. Most exciting? Learning to work with a high quality app and exchanging with other European teachers LIVE in Dublin or Amsterdam…To have a quick overview, have a look at our presentation on Adapptive(in Dutch).


  • Teachers give input in the starting level of their pupils to make it adaptive to their learning needs.
  • We talked about how to detect bugs, so that bugs can be quickly reported and removed.  
  • Karaton is most useful to Class 3 and 4. For Class 5 it is too easy.

Evaluation during Summer term 23

  • All teachers start using Karaton
  • Team Adapptive Leuven asks for feedback after 6 weeks (mid June)
  • After receiving feedback, we will summarise and communicate it all to COP teachers.

COPs: What would teachers like to achieve?

  • Meeting other teachers in Dublin.
  • That Digital tools (Karaton) will give more positive results for reading development of students. At this moment struggling readers have low results. Teachers hope the reading motivation will increase with Karaton.
  • Good exchanges with each other about practice for using apps, how to use IT in the classroom, how to manage the class and the classroom..
  • Exchange with each other between COP meetings, especially when you get stuck.
  • Create a platform for exchange:
  • There is generally budget for IT but not enough competence to use IT in the classroom, teachers would like to use IT whilst keeping control over what is happening.
  • To stay up to date regarding digital tools, how to use them in school in order to support struggling readers.