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March 6, 2024
Community of practice

First COP CZ March 2023

Main points of our discussion:

  • What kind of struggling readers COP’s meet at their schools? In some cases, these are pupils at risk of reading difficulties at the beginning of their school career. In other cases, these pupils have more severe cognitive difficulties which affect their level of reading skills. Karaton is applicable for both groups.
  • Another important issue was the support of school management when implementing a new reading app. All COP participants agreed they had support from their management (some members of the school management team became members of the COP’s).
  • The COP’s mentioned other apps they often use in the education process, but none was directly linked to reading skills.


  • Karaton is currently the only purely gamified app for struggling readers in the Czech Republic.
  • A trial was shown to the COP’s – all participants reacted positively.
  • Karaton will be implemented at schools the following school year.

Further plans

  • We decided everyone will explore Karaton over the summer – the teachers will create their own accounts and they will try to play.
  • The COP’s would love to share their experiences and examples of good practice from all involved schools – we decided to plan COP meeting in each school during the project.
  • The COP members are looking forward to meeting their colleagues from other partner countries. They hope to meet at a conference in Dublin or somewhere else.