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March 6, 2024
Community of practice

Fourth COP Czech Republic

Pupils have started playing at one of the schools and they are extremely enthusiastic about the game. As the teachers reported, the pupils keep asking when their next Karaton session will be. Three sessions per week are not enough for them 😊.

The other three schools are going to set up pupils’ accounts and start soon.

Main points of our discussion:

  • One school already started work with Karaton in December – they are currently facing some difficulties with the increase of tasks difficulty (we’ve contacted the developer). However, the school which has started with Karaton showed enthusiasm and joy. The pupils love it. I believe their comments encouraged the others to pursue the interventions.
  • Another school has found difficulties with settings – the developer has been informed and is trying to fix it.
  • The other two schools have finished the pretest assessment and are planning to start with Karaton.

What the COP enjoy, what they are afraid of:

  • A combination of short on-line meetings and occasional in-person meetings keeps the COP teachers going – they are in more frequent contact; they have more opportunities to share experience as well as their worries. It’s easier to give them instructions how to continue their work and also explain the need for data collection and/or assessment.
  • Stronger support with the app is needed – not all of them are certain how to use it and how to start the trainings with pupils.