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March 11, 2024
Community of practice

Second COP the Netherlands

For our second COP, we met at the wonderful Icarus school in Heemstede on 23 January 2024. In the previous COP, it was noted that Dutch reading methods provide limited practice specifically tailored to the more advanced reading skills related to becoming a more fluent reader (grade 3 – 4). This limitation was considered a bottleneck for effectively choosing and using digital apps for differentiated reading support. We therefore dedicated this COP partly to discussing teaching methods for improving fluent reading skills. All teachers received a copy of a new book on effective teaching of reading and spelling, and we invited the author of this book to join us in this discussion. It was avery fruitful discussion that brought us a large list of effective teachingtechniques for promoting fluent reading.

Additionally, we reflected on the use of the app Karaton in the previous period, we discussed options for using other apps in the coming period, and we presented and discussed some recent research findings on integrating apps with the readingteaching curriculum (blended learning) as a more effective use than apps as a stand-alonetool.  

Inspired by the reading apps wheel created by Call Scotland, we decided to collaboratively develop an overview of different reading apps in Dutch, including the reading topics or challenges they address, in the coming period. We intend to develop a first version to discuss at the next meeting. In addition, we will share and continue to work on the list of effective teaching techniques that we developed during this meeting.

Future Plans

Choosing new app(s) to support struggling readers

Collaboratively working on the development of an informative overview of apps for struggling readers

Elaboration into a useful overview of the discussed reading techniques

Topics for next meeting:

  • Discussing the app overview
  • Sharing experiences with the apps used
  • Sharing and evaluation of what is learned during this COP-schoolyear