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March 11, 2024
Community of practice

Third COP Czech Republic

The COP members were introduced a set of assessment tools – several reading tests, several writing tests, reading motivation – self-evaluation questionnaire, pupils executive functions scale for teachers. They will all have to do a great deal of work as they will assess whole classes, partly individually, partly in groups. We want to get data not only about pupils who are at risk of learning difficulties and will train with Karaton but also about their classmates to be able to compare their results and see their progress.

Main points of our discussion:

  • Numbers of pupils involved in the assessment:
  • ZS Cimburkova – 25 second graders
  • ZS Slunce – 13 second graders + 6 older ones
  • ZS Chrast – 23 third graders
  • ZS Poznavani –16 second graders, 17 third graders
  • All the COP teachers explored the assessment tools and asked clarifying questions to make sure they would know how to collect the data.
  • All the data collections will take place in November, possibly December 2023.
  • The pupils will start training with Karaton in December, in January latest.
  • The teachers would appreciate a guide how to play and use Karaton – however, our previous experience at DYS-centrum shows that pupils are much better at playing with Karaton than their teachers. We trust them; they will know how to play.

Some further notes about the project:

  • The COP meetings seem very fruitful as teachers from different schools have different perspectives on work with pupils. They also have different experience with the use of learning apps. They share their experiences; they often inspire each other.
  • We also talked about other apps which are available in partner countries. The COP’s are looking forward to meeting their colleagues from other three COP groups.