Given that one in five 15-year old EU citizens is not functionally literate, new ways to tackle the acquisition of effective reading skills are imperative.This Erasmus + part-funded project (AdAPPtive) hopes to continue the work of a previous EU-funded project (A is for APP) to focus on the effective use of digital apps in the instruction of learners who find it difficult to acquire essential reading skills. It also hopes to assess the impact of this on the learners and teachers involved. DCU is the coordinating partner and will lead on organising Communities of Practice (CoPs) and investigating their impact on the use of reading apps. KU, Leuven and RID will lead on investigating the effects of reading app use on the reading skills and dispositions of learners. The Dys Centre, Prague will lead on investigating changes to teachers' skills and attitudes, as they go about incorporating reading apps into their literacy instruction. Happs Development will provide a state of the art game app, New Karaton and use CoP feedback to develop and refine its functions and features.

DCU - Dublin City UniversityRID Taal RekenenDYS Centrum PrahaHappsKU Leuven

DYS Centrum Praha - CZ

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Focus within the project
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Lenka Krejčová

Lenka Krejčová works as an educational psychologist. She is a director of a non-governmental organisation DYS-centrum Praha (where she offers assessment, counselling, and long-term therapy) and in 2019 her colleagues and she established a second laboratory school in the Czech Republic (she is a member of the school management and a head of the school counselling centre). Her professional interests involve cognitive approach to education, dynamic assessment, specific learning difficulties. She has written several books and articles; she has been involved in development and/or localisation of several assessment and intervention tools.