As best practice awarded- EU funded project

AdAPPtive is the follow-up Erasmus+ Project after the EU awarded AisforAPP  project. (2018-2021)

Given that one in five 15-year old EU citizens is not functionally literate, new ways to tackle the acquisition of effective reading skills are imperative.This Erasmus + part-funded project (AdAPPtive) hopes to continue the work of a previous EU-funded project (A is for APP) to focus on the effective use of digital apps in the instruction of learners who find it difficult to acquire essential reading skills. It also hopes to assess the impact of this on the learners and teachers involved. DCU is the coordinating partner and will lead on organising Communities of Practice (CoPs) and investigating their impact on the use of reading apps. KU, Leuven and RID will lead on investigating the effects of reading app use on the reading skills and dispositions of learners. The Dys Centre, Prague will lead on investigating changes to teachers' skills and attitudes, as they go about incorporating reading apps into their literacy instruction. Happs Development will provide a state of the art game app, New Karaton and use CoP feedback to develop and refine its functions and features.

DCU - Dublin City UniversityDYS Centrum PrahaHappsKU LeuvenRID Taal Rekenen

KU Leuven - BE

is a comprehensive university, dedicated to education and research in nearly all scientific disciplines. Its fifteen faculties offer education at bachelor, master and PhD level, while research activities are organized by the faculties (for the Humanities and Social Sciences Group) and departments (for the other disciplines). KU Leuven collaborates with renowned universities, research institutions, organizations, and companies in Belgium and abroad, and is a member of several important university networks, such as LERU – the League of European Research Universities, Coimbra and EUA – the European University Association.

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Pol Ghesquière

Pol Ghesquière (PhD) is Full Professor in Learning Disabilities at the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences at the University of Leuven (KU Leuven). His research focuses on the cognitive aspects of dyslexia and its neurobiological basis. His research involves screening and assessment and informs effective instruction and the promotion of remedial teaching to children. Pol successfully coordinated the AisforApp project and actively campaigned for its follow-up where the findings of AisforApp would find their way into the classroom, hence his participation on collecting learner’s data in the Adapptive project. Pol isan Academic Fellow of the International Academy for Research in Learning Disabilities (IARLD) and president of the Flemish Learning Disabilities Network and member of the scientific advisory panel of Dyslexia International an NGO in operational relations with UNESCO.

Jacqueline Tordoir

Jacqueline Tordoir, Project Manager for this project, was a teacher for many years in NL, B and the UK.  For the last 20 years, she has been working as a Project Developer and Manager for NGOs and institutions including Caritas, the European Commission and PeaceJam Belgium. Her last role was to manage the AisforAPP Erasmus Plus Project (2018 -2022). Her role in AdAPPtive, the follow-up to AisforAPP, is  to manage the European coordination and to assist Prof Ghesquière  (KU Leuven) with facilitating the learner tests for the New Karaton game app in 4 Flemish schools.

She is excited about this project, because it will not only link academic expertise on reading difficulties with modern technology in the form of Game Apps,  and make a big difference to struggling readers, it will also help many teachers to start using more game apps in class. The Communities of Practice approach is an ideal method to get teachers to overcome hurdles preventing them from using apps.